Trent Loos

Trent Loos

Everyone eats and as people become more interested in where their food comes from and who is producing is, Trent Loos is bridging that gap between rural food producers and their urban consumers. To share the positive story of production agriculture has been the mission of Trent Loos since he walked into a radio station in Spearfish, SD in 2000 and asked to have his own program. That dream of this sixth generation United States farmer, often touted as an agricultural activist, came true on January 8, 2001 when “Loos Tales” aired on radio station KMZU in Missouri. Today, 3 million listeners on nearly 100 radio stations in 19 states hear the show every day, along with online listeners worldwide. In addition to “Loos Tales”, Trent hosts and produces “Rural Route,”“Dakota Trails and Tales” and “Colorado Trails and Tales,” which are available at his website

Trent travels the globe to unearth stories about the people involved in the many different facets of production agriculture and to ignite a passion for the story of food and the people who raise it. Trent has shared his message in 48 different states, Japan, Australia, Ireland and Canada with a passion for an industry he truly believes in. He encourages producers to stand up and proudly tell consumers about life on their family farming operations. In 2008, Trent was recognized by West Quest as the “Voice of Rural America.” His Loos Tales columns are printed weekly in the High Plains Journal and reprinted in countless other publications. He enjoys volunteering to support our troops with the All-American Beef Battalion. Trent serves on the Ag Advisory committee for President Donald Trump.

Raised on a diversified farm near Quincy, IL, Trent got his start in swine production with a runt pig when he was five. Now the family raises show pigs, breeding stock and butcher hogs that are sold nationwide. Trent earned an American Farmer Degree in FFA and has won numerous awards at state and national swine shows. Trent is an advisory board member for the Team Purebred junior swine association. The family ranch also includes cattle and horses.

Trent and his wife Kelli enjoy raising food for the world in central Nebraska with their daughters, Libbi, Lindsi and Landri. Their family adventures almost always include an animal or a softball, volleyball or basketball!

Passion for the Purpose
We’ve all heard the phrase “a crime of passion” but how far would you go to protect or promote what you are passionate about? Trent’s passion for promoting agriculture was born out of the reality that people were spreading vicious untruths about the industry he grew up in and dearly loved and nobody was setting them straight. What will it take to motivate you to share your story and fight for the things that you think are worthwhile? Listen as Trent shares stories from his worldly travels about the amazing people that are making a difference in so many fields in countless different ways. Whether you prefer a pen and paper or a podcast, your story can change a life and Trent will show you how. Let your heartfelt passion help you define a meaningful purpose in your life beginning today.